Mercedes-Benz PartsProfessional.

In an aftermarket with many options for parts suppliers, how can you know
which supplier is right for you?

The right supplier is one who goes to extraordinary lengths to meet your needs
consistently and with the highest level of professionalism.

PartsProfessional builds on the strengths of your Mercedes-Benz dealership:

  • By enhancing your understanding of the inherent value of Mercedes-Benz
    Genuine Parts available throughout the dealership network.
  • With improved customer experience through heightened and consistent
    professionalism at all times across all participating Mercedes-Benz
    PartsProfessional dealerships.
  • Through parts sales service that innovates and leads the aftermarket to
    meet and exceed your expectations.
  • By providing additional value-add offerings that support your operations
    through shortened lead times, improved convenience and sustainable
    relationships with your supporting Mercedes-Benz dealerships.

What can you expect from your Mercedes-Benz PartsProfessional dealership?

All certified Mercedes-Benz PartsProfessional dealerships provide an outstanding range
of parts sales services for retail, trade and fleet customers. Delivering complete
reliability across the board, they offer expert assistance in parts identification,
exceptional parts availability and customised conditions.